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#1 2008-06-10 ✓ 6:04 pm


Vegas Roach Trap - indoor version -  links:  (1) Vegas Roach Trap - improved  (2) Vegas Coffee Grounds Roach Trap

My improved (outdoor) version of the Vegas Roach Trap is the most popular thread on this message board.  It is simple, relatively easy-to-clean, and works very well.  I have four placed in strategic places on the back side of my house, one near my front door, and one in the garage near the entry into the house.

All of these traps use medium size glass jars with wide mouths and curve-in tops to prevent roaches from escaping from the jar.  All are leaned at an angle against a wall to allow easy entrance to the jar.

The goal, of course, is to drown as many roaches as possible so they don't come into my house.

Even so, every once in a while, since I don't use toxic spraying (indoor or out), a roach does make it indoors.  The normal Vegas Roach Trap is less desirable indoors.  Leaning against an inside wall may encourage a roach to climb instead of the typical pattern of remaining on the floor.

I made an indoor variation (see photo below) of the Vegas Roach Trap.  This one is shorter but retains the curve-in top.  It allows easy access to the top of the trap but is free-standing.  I found a suitable glass for 50 cents at the 99 store.  Unfortunately the mouth of this smaller glass is not big enough for a coffee-grounds-filled plastic wine glass.  I substituted a cut-down smallish yogurt container to pack with used coffee-grounds.  The container floats in one inch of water inside the glass.

Since many of us have socks which eventually get holes in them, an easy way to provide climbing access into the indoor trap is to surround the glass with part of an old sock (see photo below.)

It may take a while to see if this new indoor version actually works since it is relatively rare for me to see a roach indoors since employing my outdoor traps.  I'll keep you posted.

In the photo below, the 32oz Gatorade is just used for size reference.  The grape jelly and relish jars may be substituted for the glass used.  The bottom right photo shows the completed test trap with floating coffee grounds inside and old-sock covering.



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